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U.S. Senate urged to oppose Google DoubleClick deal
(September 28, 2007)

Global Internet giant Google came under fire during a U.S. Senate hearing examining the anti-trust implications of its plans to take over Web advertising provider Double Click. 

Canada records $13.8B budget surplus
(September 27, 2007)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Thursday that the Conservative government will direct the entire $13.8 billion budget surplus towards paying down the national debt.  

Information Commissioner needs more "teeth" and resources
(September 27, 2007)

A group representing Canadian newspapers said  the Conservative government needs to change the Access to Information Act to provide the Information Commissioner more "teeth" and resources.  

Rwanda will only accept Canadian generics if price is right
(September 26, 2007)

 The effectiveness of Canada's Access to Medicines Regime to deliver drugs to developing countries is again being put the test, PoliticsWatch has learned.  

Harper snubs Press Gallery dinner
(September 26, 2007)

In the latest round in the battle between the PMO and the Press Gallery, Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed Wednesday he would not be attending the gallery's annual dinner.  

Canada's crisis in Access to Information
(September 25, 2007)

Information Commissioner Robert Marleau tells PoliticsWatch he has an "unacceptable" backlog of 532 complaints dating back to 2002.

Canada urges UN to move beyond Kyoto
(September 24, 2007)

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the United Nations Monday there is an international consensus for the creation of a new climate change framework to replace Kyoto.

AIDS drug for Africa gets final clearance
(September 21, 2007)

A Canadian generic drug company has been given the final go ahead to deliver a patented HIV/AIDS drug cocktail to Rwanda.

Canadian dollar reaches parity with U.S.
(September 20, 2007)

The Canadian dollar reached parity with the American dollar on Thursday, marking the first time that has happened in 31 years. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty downplayed opposition parties' concerns about the impact on the manufacturing sector. 

Google's Double Click deal under review in Canada
(September 19, 2007)

EXCLUSIVE: Google's takeover of web ad supplier DoubleClick is being reviewed by Canada's Competition Bureau, PoliticsWatch has learned. 

House of Commons returns October 16: What to expect
(September 17, 2007)

Parliament has been prorogued and won't return until October 16. From the throne speech to new committee chairs, PoliticsWatch looks at all the steps that need to be taken to get Parliament back to business. 

Canadian terror suspect appears in court
(September 14, 2007)

A Quebec man, Said Namouh appeared in a Montreal courtroom  last week in connection with an alleged bombing plot linked to a video threatening retaliation unless German and Austrian troops  withdraw from Afghanistan.

Drug testing in Canada's military
(September 12, 2007)

CanWest News and CBC are now reporting that 250 Canadian troops are not going to Afghanistan because of failed drug tests. As our regular  PoliticsWatch readers know, this was reported first here in August. 

Canadian privacy commissioner probes Google
(September 12, 2007)

Canada's privacy commissioner has written to Web giant Google to warn them that a new street-level mapping feature may be in violation of Canadian privacy laws.  

Elections Canada stands by veil voting 
(September 10, 2007)

Canada's chief electoral officer responded to criticism Monday of his decision to allow Muslim women to vote with their faces covered. Marc Mayrand said he would not reverse his decision despite mounting pressure from politicians. 

Arctic Sovereignty: Priority or diversion 
(September 6, 2007)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to rally Canadians around the issue of Arctic sovereignty at the same time the country is divided on Afghanistan. PoliticsWatch looks at the issue.  

Liberals allege Tories "doped" their election ad spending 
(September 5, 2007)

A Liberal MP said Wednesday that an election financing scandal shows the Conservative party is no different than athletes who use performance enhancing drugs to cheat. 

Harper delays Parliament's return 
(September 4, 2007)

On the same day Canadian children returned to school, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced MPs will have an extended summer break from the House of Commons. Harper has delayed the return of Parliament to October 16.

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