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Martin lampooned in new Tory ads 

(PoliticsWatch posted February 24, 2004) OTTAWA - Prime Minister Paul Martin's shipping company, his reputation for indecisiveness and the sponsorship scandal are at the centre of five new humorous attack radio ads unveiled by the Conservative Party today. 

One ad entitled "Barbados," which focuses on Martin's family company, CSL, flying flags of convenience in tax havens, is the highlight of the new ads. 

"Welcome to Barbados," says a man with a Caribbean accent while calypso music plays in the background, "the carefree world of sun, sand and two per cent corporate income tax for our good friends from Canada.

"Your prime minister, Mr. Paul, figured it out a long time ago, man. That's why his shipping company is down here." 

A second ad features a voice similar to that of the prime minister giving directions while performing surgery. 

"Scalpel … no, wait a minute. Anesthetic." 

A female narrator then says, "Imagine a country where everyone commits to decisions like Paul Martin commits to issues."

Adscam also figures prominently, being the subject of two of the ads. One ad lists all the social services the $100 million sent to ad firms could have paid for. 

"The Liberal government took your money and put it where they felt it belonged - their friends pockets," says a narrator. "Do you really want another four years of this?"

A final ad questions why gun owners must be subject to a gun registry while there is still not a registry for sex offenders. 

The Conservatives call the 30-second ads the "first salvo" in the pre-election campaign. They will play across the country in March. French-language ads are also in the works, according to the Tories. 

Conservative MP Monte Solberg says the ads draw attention to the concerns the party has about the Liberal Party. He said he expects the ads will resonate with Canadians who he believes are talking about the issues raised in the ads. 

"There's no question there's an election coming and we're getting ready for it," said Solberg. "We are getting ready for the election and we're going to be as prepared as we possibly can be." 


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