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Layton stars in new NDP TV ads 

(PoliticsWatch posted February 26, 2004) OTTAWA - Two days after the Conservatives unveiled five new radio spots that attack the Liberal government, the NDP today released three TV spots, one of which will air during the highly-rated Academy Awards. 

The two English-language ads are upbeat in comparison to the Tory radio ads, and focus mainly on what the NDP sees as their strongest asset -- NDP Leader Jack Layton. 

"Mr. Layton is the leader of our party, the new leader of our party and we want people to get to know him," said NDP MP Bill Blaikie. "We want people to identify Jack and the NDP as the alternative to the Liberals." 

Blaikie says he thinks it's "smart" for the NDP to try to reach "the biggest audience" it can on the Oscars with the ads, and adds that the party is in good enough financial shape to release a pre-election ad campaign. 

"If you want a positive alternative to Paul Martin's corporate Liberals, it's here: Jack Layton and today's NDP," begins the ad that will air on the Oscars. 

The ad includes positive editorial comments from the Winnipeg Free Press and Toronto Star and touts Layton's record as a "nationally recognized civic leader."

The second ad contrasts Layton with the prime minister, calling Martin a "former shipping tycoon, friend of the privileged," who can't explain how Adscam happened, while Layton is referred to as "a fighter for the little guy." 

"In an election soon, Paul meets Jack and you can decide who's on your side." 

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