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:: ElectionWatch 2006

Harper ends 12 years of Liberal dominance

Stephen Harper -- Canada's 22nd Prime Minister 

OTTAWA - To surprise of many, Stephen Harper did it. 

The leader of a party that appeared destined for permanent opposition just two and a half years ago, has defeated the mighty Liberal Party and Prime Minister Paul Martin. 

It's the first time the Conservatives have tasted power at the federal level in more than 12 years. 
But Harper has been given a limited mandate, winning just 124 seats, about 31 fewer than is needed for a majority.  

The most surprising development in this campaign was the resurgence of Conservative popularity in Quebec. Many had doubted the Tories would win more than one seat before the election started, but Harper and the Tories elected 10 MPs in ridings that were supposed to be easy romps for the Bloc.  
If there is a downside to the Harper win it is his party's inability to win support in the country's three largest cities -- Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. 

The U.S. has its red and blue states, and Canada appears to have developed a similar split between rural and urban. 

But it's not all negative. In  the Ottawa region, the Conservatives made gains winning two seats that had been held by Liberals for years. 

Overall, the election results show positive signs for almost all parties. 

Although it's not a majority, the Tories are in and no longer can the Liberals make baseless accusations about how the country would be totally different with them in charge. 

For the Liberals, they lost power but they avoided the near wipe out that many had predicted. And Martin has avoided creating a crisis in his party by immediately announcing his intentions to not lead the party in another election. For the Liberals it is an opportunity for renewal. 

NDP Leader Jack Layton is also a winner. Unlike pass NDP leaders who cooperated with a Liberal minority, Layton and his party did not lose seats in the subsequent election. 

The only party that may have had a bad night is the Bloc Quebecois. The Tory gains knocked out some popular Bloc MPs, including Odina Desrochers and Richard Marceau. However, this could be offset by the gains the Bloc made in Montreal, defeating Liza Frulla and Pierre Pettigrew. 


Tory minority
( January 24, 2006)

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper will become the 22nd prime minister of Canada after his party won a minority government in Monday night's federal election campaign. Prime Minister Paul Martin has conceded to Harper and has announced he won't lead the Liberals in the next election.  

Top Story: Networks give Tories a minority 
NDP makes gains, Liberal heavyweights go down
Atlantic: Liberals hang on to key seats in Atlantic Canada

Martin resigns
(January 24, 2006)

Prime Minister Paul Martin accepted defeat at the polls on Tuesday morning and caused a gasp among his supporters in Montreal when he announced he is stepping down as party leader.


Critics wrong about Harper
(January 24, 2006)

Prime Minister designate Stephen Harper was a title many snickered at in Ottawa as recently as eight weeks ago. PoliticsWatch looks back at what some of Harper's critics had to say about his chances of winning.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador (7 ridings)
(Posted December 5, 2005)


West Montreal (9 ridings)
(Posted November 23, 2005)

Western and Northern Quebec (10 ridings)
(Posted November 28, 2005)


Central Toronto (10 ridings)
(Posted November 17, 2005)



Northern Ontario (10 ridings)
(Posted November 21, 2005)



Vancouver and the Northern Mainland (11 ridings)
(Posted November 11, 2005)


B.C Interior  (9 ridings)
(Posted November 15, 2005)



Territories (3 ridings)
(Posted December 21, 2005)


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