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"Too often, access is denied to hide wrongdoing, or to protect officials or governments from embarrassment, rather than to serve a legitimate confidentiality requirement."  
Robert Marleau, Information Commissioner of Canada
2006-2007 Annual Report to Parliament

Canada’s Access to Information Act and Privacy Act grant citizens the right to request information from government institutions.  To get results, you have to know your rights and know how to use the system.  

We can help you and your organization get results with Access to Information.  

  • Government Watch is a service from the professionals on the PoliticsWatch news team.
  • We will spearhead your request for information, maximizing your organization’s anonymity and confidentiality.
  • We have proven expertise in using the Access to Information Act.
  • We will diligently pursue your request from start to finish.
  • We get information released, and if not, we will file all the necessary complaints.  
  • When we complain, we usually win.
  • By using our Government Watch Access to Information services, your organization will benefit from our experience and knowledge of navigating the process involved in achieving a successful request for information.

> Click here to submit an online request for more information.  We look forward to talking with you further.

PoliticsWatch Notables

Canada's crisis in Access to Information
(September 25, 2007)

Information Commissioner Robert Marleau tells PoliticsWatch he has an "unacceptable" backlog of 532 complaints dating back to 2002. 

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> Information Commissioner needs more "teeth" and resources


Your money, their legal bills part 2: Liberal Adscam legal bills remain a mystery
(January 10, 2007)

Canada's new government is refusing to disclose details about how taxpayer money was spent on legal representation for former prime minister Jean Chretien at the Gomery inquiry.  

Will Clement raise the veil on Canada's secret drug strategy?
(February 22, 2006)

The government may have changed, but Ottawa is expected to continue its participation in a national drug strategy that some stakeholders say has been shrouded in secrecy. Health Canada says new Health Minister Tony Clement will consider how best to engage stakeholders going forward. 

Air security agency had "no lawful authority" to delay releasing audit report 
(November 3, 2005)

The Information Commissioner says the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority had "no lawful authority" for a delay in releasing an auditor's report to PoliticsWatch. 

Public Works failed to comply with act in releasing Earnscliffe documents
(October 6, 2004)

The Information Commissioner has ruled he could find "no lawful justification" for Public Works' delays in releasing contracts between the federal government and Earnscliffe
 to PoliticsWatch

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