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MP Entrance
(c) PoliticsWatch.com - House of Commons side of Centre Block on Parliament Hill in Ottawa - April 2001
The MP Entrance is on the west side of the Centre Block.
(c) PoliticsWatch.com - MP Entrance - Centre Block, Parliament - April 2001
Look to the lower left of the Centre Block on the live image from Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
(c) PoliticsWatch.com - The MP entrance on the west side of the Centre Block on Parliament Hill.  Notice the cars parked on right side -- these are government cars waiting for ministers or other officials. April 2001
When Canada's House of Commons is in session, this area is a hot bed of activity, with MPs, Ministers, public servants and staffers coming and going.
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Political Web Cams

These are live images being transmitted online from web cams in democratic capitals across the globe, including Ottawa, Canada; London, UK; and Washington, DC. Be sure to refresh your browser to get the most recent live image.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada
hill cam

Big Ben, London, UK 

Metro Square, Washington, D.C.Metro Square, Washington, DC

If you know of other active web cams showing government buildings in other democratic capitals, let PoliticsWatch know.  Please send your political web cam suggestions to News@PoliticsWatch.com

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