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Jack Layton
Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada 


Party:                            New Democratic Party of Canada
Date of Birth:              July 18, 1950
Birth Place:                 Montreal, Quebec
Place of Residence:  Toronto, Ontario 
Family:                          Wife Olivia Chow (NDP MP); two children


> Layton was educated at McGill University and York University. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Political Science from York University with a specialty in economic public policy in 1984.

Political Experience

> Layton was elected to Parliament for Toronto-Danforth in 2004. He was elected NDP leader in 2003. 

> Layton has served as Acting Mayor and Deputy Mayor and chair of several committees, including: Chair of the Toronto Board of Health, Chair of the Economic Development and Planning Committee of Metro, Chair of Metropolitan Toronto's Planning and Transportation Committee, the Advisory Committee on Homeless and Socially Isolated Persons, Member of the Greater Toronto Services Board.

> Layton was a candidate for Mayor of Toronto in November 1991, finishing in second spot.

Professional Experience

> Layton has taught undergraduate and graduate courses since 1973 at York University, University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

> Adjunct Professor, Geography, Planning Programme and teaching appointment with Innis College, University of Toronto, Environmental Studies

> Fellow, Calumet College, York University.

> Founder and Principal, the Green Catalyst Group Inc.

Contact Information

Web site: www.ndp.ca

Email:      layton.j@parl.gc.ca

Address: Jack Layton, MP
                  Leader of the NDP
                  House of Commons
                  Ottawa, ON
                  K1A 0A6 

Phone:     (613) 995-7224 

Fax:          (613) 995-4565 

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