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:: Ontario ElectionWatch 2007
Ontario Votes 

(PoliticsWatch Updated 11:20 a.m., 
October 11, 2007)

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty successfully led the provincial Liberals to their second consecutive majority government.

McGuinty's victory was historic as it marked the first time in 70 years that the Ontario Liberals have won back-to-back majority governments. 

The Liberal victory was convincing, as the party gained four seats and won 42.2 per cent of the popular vote.   

It was a difficult night for Progressive Conservative leader John Tory. Not only did he not lead his party to victory, but Tory failed to win his own seat in the legislature. Questions now swirl about whether Tory can remain leader without a seat. 

Both the NDP and the Green Party made gains in the popular vote in the election, but failed to win additional seats. The NDP ended the election with 10 seats, the same number of seats they held when legislature was dissolved. The Greens did not elect an MPP, but saw their share of the popular vote rise to eight per cent, up from 2.8 per cent in the 2003 election.   

Meanwhile, the decline in interest in provincial politics continued in this election as a record low 52.6 per cent of eligible voters voted. That's down from the 56.9 per cent of eligible voters who voted in 2003. 

Finally, a referendum asking voters whether they wanted to change from first-past-the-post to a mixed proportional representation system was soundly defeated with 63.2 per cent voting against the change. 

To pass, the referendum question needed 60 per cent of the popular vote and more than 50 per cent of the vote in 64 of the 107 ridings. 

Latest Headlines

> McGuinty wins massive majority, Tory loses seat
> Liberals win second majority in Ontario election

> Historic win for Liberals

> 'Four more years'
> McGuinty's Liberals roll to majority

> A majority built on faith

> Tory admits leadership at risk after election loss

> Tory says he'll soldier on despite loss

> Problems piling up for Tory

> Ontario rejects electoral reform in referendum

> Voters roundly reject MMP

> Ontario voter turnout a record low

> Ivison- This McGuinty victory different than the first

> Coyne- Tory stumbled on schools, the public fled

> Hopes for legislative clout are dashed


Party Standings
Liberal                   71
PC                           26
NDP                        10
Green                      0
Percentage of vote in 2007 election

Liberal                   42.2
PC                           31.6
NDP                        16.8
Green                       8.0
Referendum Results

Existing Electoral System                   63.2
Mixed Member Proportional               36.8

Leader: Dalton McGuinty
Riding: Ottawa South
Age: 52
Political Experience: Ontario Premier 2003-present; Ontario opposition leader 1996-2003; First elected to the legislature in 1990
Education: Law Degree University of Ottawa
Quote: "I like kittens. Puppies, too!" 
Fun Fact: McGuinty is just the second Roman Catholic to be premier of Ontario and the first in since 1871.

Leader: John Tory
Age: 53
Political Experience: Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader 2004 to present; former Toronto mayoral candidate
Education: Law Degree Osgoode Hall Law School
Quote: “People, I think in many cases, believe that health care is free. And it's not free. They pay for it through their taxes.”  
Fun Fact: Tory served as principal secretary to former Ontario Premier Bill Davis from 1981 to 85. Davis was in attendance during Tory's first day on the job as opposition leader in 2005. 

Leader: Howard Hampton
Kenora-Rainy River
Age: 55
Political Experience: Ontario NDP leader 1996 to present; first elected to the Ontario legislature in 1987  
Education: Law Degree University of Ottawa
Quote: “Literally the most trivial thing gets charged to the taxpayer, (and) things that the average person would never think of trying to buy, like a $70 steak.”
Fun Fact: Hampton attended the U.S. Ivy League school Dartmouth College on a hockey scholarship.

Leader: Frank de Jong
Age: 51
Political Experience: Leader of the Ontario Green Party since 1993. 
Education: B. Ed University of Ottawa
Quote: "There should be one public school system in Ontario and Catholic schools should be merged into the single system." 
Fun Fact: De Jong grew up on a dairy farm near Guelph, Ontario

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