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PoliticsWatch.com launches Canadian Internet first

‘PM Picker’ Vote Selector Quiz marks Canada's inaugural Internet election

OTTAWA, Oct. 25, 2000 – PoliticsWatch.com - Canada's Political Portalmade Canadian Internet history today in launching the PoliticsWatch "PM Picker" Vote Selector Quiz.

The interactive ‘PM Picker’ Vote Selector Quiz offers Canadian voters an opportunity to compare their policy preferences against the positions of Canada’s political leaders and parties. Users answer 15 questions on hot campaign issues ranging from taxes to abortion, and the Vote Selector Quiz then ranks how each federal leader and his or her political party reflect the user’s views.

The Vote Selector Quiz is interactive, entertaining and politically informative. Check out the ‘PM picker’ at:


Throughout the 2000 federal election campaign, PoliticsWatch will be monitoring and analysing how political parties, the media, special interest groups and individuals use new communication technology in Canada's inaugural Internet election.

PoliticsWatch - Canada's Political Portal was launched in September 2000. It is Canada's fastest growing independent political portal, offering original research and comprehensive information on Canadian politics including a daily review of political news, information on political parties and leaders and other voter resources.


For comment and / or information on PoliticsWatch and the Vote Selector Quiz please contact:

Angela Burton, Editor, PoliticsWatch.com
phone: (613) 282-7331

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