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:: Saskatchewan ElectionWatch 2007
Saskatchewan Votes 

(PoliticsWatch Updated 10:10 a.m., 
November 8, 2007)

After 10 years in existence, the right-leaning Saskatchewan Party has won its first-ever provincial election. 

Saskatchewan Party leader Brad Wall led his party to a solid majority government victory over NDP Premier Lorne Calvert.

The results were convincing with the Saskatchewan Party winning 50.6 per cent of the popular vote and 37 of the 58 seats in the legislature. 

For the second election in a row, the provincial Liberals, led by 42-year-old David Karwacki, failed to win a seat. 

Latest Headlines

> Saskatchewan Party wins majority government
> Saskatchewan Party topples NDP

> Saskatchewan Party ends NDP rule

> Expect mainstream gov't from Sask. Party- analyst

> Saskatchewan Party wins, NDP out after 16 years

> Wall gave few early hints of interest in politics

> Longtime political junkie Brad Wall will be Saskatchewan's next premier

Party Standings in the Legislature
Saskatchewan  Party         37 seats
NDP                                         21 seats
Percentage of vote in 2007 election

Saskatchewan Party                          50.7
NDP                                                         37.4
Liberal                                                      9.5
Green                                                        2.0

Leader: Lorne Calvert
Electoral District: Saskatoon Riversdale
Age: 54
Political Experience: Saskatchewan Premier 2001 to present; First elected to the legislature in 1986
Education: Studied economics at the University of Regina and theology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Leader: Brad Wall
Electoral District:
Swift Current
Age: 41
Political Experience: Saskatchewan Party leader 2004 to present; MLA since 1999
Education: BA, University of Saskatchewan

Leader: David Karwacki
Electoral District:
Age: 42
Political Experience: Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party since 2001.  
Education: Commerce Degree University of Saskatchewan

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