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U.S. defence companies to show their goods at embassy trade show 
Politics Watch News Services
October 1, 2007, updated 5:00 p.m.

The U.S. Army will provide an overview of cargo helicopter requirements and capabilities related to the Boeing CH47F at a U.S. Embassy defence and security trade show in Ottawa this week

OTTAWA  —  Major U.S. defence and security companies will descend on Ottawa this week for a special trade show and networking event organized by the Commercial Service of the Embassy of the United States of America in Ottawa. 

The U.S. Embassy Defence and Security Exhibition will be held on Wednesday and Thursday at the Ottawa Congress Centre

Increased defence spending by recent federal governments, including an additional $5.5 billion over five years in the 2006 Conservative budget, is peaking the interest of U.S. companies and the embassy. 

"There's increased opportunities here so obviously the U.S. companies are interested in working with their Canadian partners to help the Canadian government meet its objective," Stephan Wasylko, minister counsellor for commercial affairs at the US Embassy, told PoliticsWatch in an interview.

Forty two U.S. and select Canadian companies are paying $2,750 for exhibit booths. Others companies are paying $995 to host seminars. 

Some of the biggest name defence and security firms will have exhibits, including Boeing, General Electric Homeland Protection and MDA

U.S. embassy officials estimate that 25 to 30 per cent of the companies participating in the conference are Canadian firms that have "strong ties to U.S. companies."

"It's a U.S. exhibit primarily to help U.S. companies introduce their products into the market here," Wasylko noted. 

Lucy Latka, senior commercial specialist with the U.S. Commercial Service, told PoliticsWatch that companies participating will learn about the Canadian procurement process and "some of the possible procurements." 

In addition, they will network with the 1,200 pre-registered attendees who are made up primarily of private sector consultants and government officials from departments such as National Defence, Public Safety and Transport Canada. 

Among the prominent Canadian officials who will be at the event is Canada's Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier. The General will deliver the keynote luncheon address on Wednesday. 

The U.S. Army will also provide an overview of cargo helicopter requirements and capabilities related to the Boeing CH47F.

Those interested in attending the conference can still pre-register by visiting the U.S. Embassy's Web site. 

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