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Poland calls for prosecution in 
Taser death 
Politics Watch News Services
November 16, 2007, updated 5:10 p.m.


OTTAWA  (PoliticsWatch.com) — Poland's Foreign Ministry is calling on Canada to prosecute the RCMP officers involved in a fatal Taser incident at Vancouver Airport.  

Robert Dziekanski, a Polish immigrant, died last month after he was Tasered following a confrontation with RCMP officers at Vancouver Airport. 

The dramatic incident was captured by amateur video and has been viewed by millions. The video is the most watched politics or news video on YouTube this week. 
"No attempts were made to use other means to solve the situation, but from the very start the toughest means available to the police was used," Robert Szaniawski, a spokesman for the Polish Foreign Ministry,  told the Associated Press.

"We want the matter clarified and we want those guilty named and prosecuted."

On Thursday, Poland's ambassador to Canada told Reuters he was shocked after seeing the video. 

"The reaction of the RCMP officers was unsuitable to the situation," Piotr Ogrodzinski told Reuters. "What I've seen was that Mr. Dziekanski (was) a person who was agitated, frustrated, I think terrified, but not aggressive. He was not making a gesture that he intended to fight anybody." 

In Ottawa, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said the federal government was aware the incident has attracted negative international attention for Canada. 

"It happened in Canada. But as the, you know, this video which has gripped the hearts of any of us who've seen it, we realize it's being seen around the world," he told reporters after question period. 

"People need to see that there are a number of investigations in place, that we're very serious about seeing the types of restraints in the applications of Tasers, that we would never see an incident like this again." 

In question period, Liberal MP John McKay said "web sites around the world were inundated yesterday and revolted by footage of Mr. Dziekanski's death." 

"The reputation of the RCMP and our nation has been damaged," McKay told the Commons. 

He called on Day to launch a national review of Taser use. 

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