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:: Quebec ElectionWatch 2007
Liberal minority 

(PoliticsWatch Updated 9:40 a.m., March 27, 2007)

The future of Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Parti Quebecois Leader Andre Boisclair are in question following the 2007 Quebec provincial election. Charest lost his party's majority government and now only has a minority. Boisclair, who came to his party's leadership with great promise, now sees the PQ as the third party in the national assembly. The big winner of the election is the ADQ and its leader Mario Dumont. The party made major gains for the first time in this election and Dumont will now be leader of the opposition in the national assembly. 

Latest Headlines

> Quebecers elect Liberal minority government
> Minority for Quebec Liberals

> Charest keeps seat as Liberals cling to power in Quebec

> Harper's Quebec gamble pays off

> Liberals barely stave off ADQ
> PQ fails miserably to rally sovereignists
> Protest party wins big in Quebec

> Fragile win puts pressure on Charest's leadership

> Liberal losses force party to reconsider leader, policy

> Dumont becomes the new political superstar


Party Standings

Liberal                   48 Seats 
ADQ                        41 Seats
PQ                          36 Seats

Leader: Jean Charest
Riding: Sherbrooke
Age: 48
Political Experience: Quebec Premier 2003-present; Quebec opposition leader 1998-2003; Federal PC Party Leader 1993-98; Deputy Prime Minister 1993; Federal Industry Minister 1993; Federal Environment Minister 1990-93; Minister of State 1986-88
Education: Law Degree University of Sherbrooke
Quote: "It is a very important choice we are making together. It's either an agenda for separation or an agenda for affirmation."
Fun Fact: Charest was named a cabinet minister by Brian Mulroney in 1986 at the age of 28, making him the youngest cabinet minister in Canadian history.

Leader: Andre Boisclair
Age: 40
Political Experience: PQ leader 2005 to present; Former Quebec cabinet minister holding the environment and citizenship and immigration portfolios between 1998 and 2003 
Education: Master's Public Administration Harvard
Quote: "If (the federal government wants) to buy Quebecers a week before the election, they will pay the price for it."  
Fun Fact: If elected premier, Boisclair would be the first openly gay person in North America to head a government. Boisclair also holds the record for youngest person elected to the Quebec National Assembly (23)

Leader: Mario Dumont
Age: 36
Political Experience: ADQ leader 1994 to present; ADQ co-founder; President Youth wing of Quebec Liberal Party 1991-92  
Education: BA Economics Concordia

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