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Saskatchewan Election Watch 2007
(Updated  November8, 2007)

Brad Wall has led the Saskatchewan Party to its first-ever provincial election victory. PoliticsWatch has the results.

Chretien on domestic policy
(October 25, 2007)

In part two of a two-part series on former prime minister Jean Chretien's new memoirs, PoliticsWatch examines Chretien's domestic policy. 

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Ontario ElectionWatch 2007
(Updated October 11, 2007)

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has won his second consecutive majority government while PC leader John Tory failed to win a seat. PoliticsWatch has the results.  


Are Canadian politicians and public servants on drugs?  
(Updated October 2, 2007)

In this PoliticsWatch special report we examine drug testing policies for Canada's  military, bureaucrats and political staffers. Just how little scrutiny there is may surprise you.

Politics bares all
(September 25, 2007)

Seven Polish Women's Party candidates are the latest politicians to disrobe. PoliticsWatch looks at how showing skin in politics around the world is reaching new levels



Scandal Watch: The Return of Sleaze
(Updated: September 25, 2007)

The arrest of a federal public servant for $2.7 million in fraud is the latest addition to PoliticsWatch's compilation of the current hot scandals.


Brian Mulroney on . . .
(September 12, 2007)

 What does former prime minister Brian Mulroney think of Paul Martin, Hillary Clinton, the Parliamentary Press Gallery and others? Find out as PoliticsWatch looks at the former PM's new memoirs. 

Infrastructure debate heats up in the U.S. and Canada 
(August 31, 2007)

The collapse of a bridge in Minnesota has put decaying infrastructure on American politicians' radar. In Canada the debate is heating up with the Laval overpass collapse and the evacuation of a section of downtown Montreal.

Debate on medicines heats up on both sides of the border
(August 9, 2007)

Politicians in Ottawa and Washington have been busy this summer taking sides in the debate on pharmaceutical prices. 

PoliticsWatch's Top MPs and Issues
(July, 2007)

 Casey's last stand, O'Connor under fire and Dion in danger. Read about this and more as PoliticsWatch ranks the performance of MPs and the top issues in the spring session.  

Summer grilling with Canada's party leaders
(July 2007)

 Barbecued burgers, chicken, fish,  salmon and veggie dogs are all on the menu this summer for Canada's five political party leaders. Find out what's cooking with PoliticsWatch.  

CBC turns to  America Online for Web ads
(July 2007)

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has a little known, exclusive advertising deal with a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Internet giant America Online. Learn more in this PoliticsWatch special report.  

CBC not yet for sale under Harper Tories
(June 12, 2007)

There's growing frustration from grassroots conservatives about the failure so far of the Conservative government to reform the CBC. PoliticsWatch looks at the issue.  

Harper's cabinet casualties?
(April 5, 2007)

Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn and Public Works Minister Michael Fortier are two current Conservative cabinet ministers who will be in the fight of their lives in the next election. Find out who are the other cabinet ministers who could go down to defeat if an election is called in the near future.

Liberal minority in Quebec
(Updated March 27, 2007)

A strong showing by the ADQ reduced Quebec Premier Jean Charest to a minority government in Monday's provincial election. PoliticsWatch looks at the results.

Internet heavyweights gather in Washington for 14th Politics Online Conference
(March 9, 2007)

Campaigning in the virtual world will be among the panel discussions at this year's Politics Online Conference that begins next week in Washington.  

 Harper: Kyoto critic or "climate change denier" 
(January 30, 2007)

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of being a climate change denier. PoliticsWatch takes a look at Harper's past comments on the issue.  

Your money, their legal bills part 2: Liberal Adscam legal bills remain a mystery
(January 10, 2007)

Canada's new government is refusing to disclose details about how taxpayer money was spent on legal representation for former prime minister Jean Chretien at the Gomery inquiry. 

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