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Tax cuts, crime and Schreiber on the agenda
(November 22, 2007)

The Conservative government will push ahead with its criminal justice and tax-cutting agenda in the House while Karlheinz Schreiber is expected to appear before a Commons committee. Read more about this and what's happening in the House in PoliticsWatch's weekly Legislative Update feature.

Flaherty tells mayors to 'stop complaining' about infrastructure woes
(November 21, 2007)

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says many of Canada's municipalities have no one to blame but themselves for their aging infrastructure.

Parliament can stop Schreiber extradition,  MP says
(November 20, 2007)

The man at the centre of an upcoming public inquiry about the business dealings of former prime minister Brian Mulroney could be allowed to stay in Canada if MPs subpoena him.

Canadian PM calls Taser video "deeply disturbing"
(November 19, 2007)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the House of Commons a video showing RCMP officers Tasering a Polish national at Vancouver International Airport is "deeply disturbing."

Poland calls for prosecution in Taser death
(November 16, 2007)

Poland's Foreign Ministry is calling on Canada to prosecute the RCMP officers involved in a fatal Taser incident at Vancouver Airport involving a Polish national.

Conservatives to shift focus to crime bills
(November 15, 2007)

It's all Brian Mulroney, all the time on Parliament Hill, but the government hopes to change the channel to its criminal justice agenda. Read more about this and what's happening in the House in PoliticsWatch's weekly Legislative Update feature.

Brian who?
(November 14, 2007)

 Conservatives on Parliament Hill are putting distance between their government and  former prime minister Brian Mulroney.  

Harper announces full Mulroney inquiry
(November 13, 2007)

The financial dealings of former prime minister Brian Mulroney will be the subject of a full public inquiry and an RCMP review. 

Twenty bureaucrats under investigation
(November 13, 2007)

 The Public Service Commission is investigating the movement of 20 public servants who worked as aides for Liberal and Conservative cabinet ministers.  

Mulroney's do-not-call list
(November 12, 2007)

Controversy surrounding former prime minister Brian Mulroney's dealings with German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber means some MPs and Senators will have to remove the former PM from their speed dial.  

Harper announces review of allegations against Mulroney
(November 9, 2007)

 Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced he will appoint an independent third party to review the latest cash-payment allegations made against former prime minister Brian Mulroney.

Rising dollar creating challenging times for 
Canada: PM
(November 8, 2007)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the premiers of Canada's two largest provinces all expressed differing levels of concern about the impact Canada's rapidly rising dollar is having on the economy. 

Harper criticized for meddling in ridings
(November 7, 2007)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being accused of breaking a campaign promise after his party's recent reversal of the candidate nomination process in three ridings.   

Canadian Defence Minister "not targeted," General says
(November 6, 2007)

Canada's chief of defence staff says Defence Minister Peter MacKay was not the target of an insurgent attack on an Afghan military base. The attack took place while MacKay was touring the base. 

International pressure on Pakistan increases
(November 5, 2007)

 U.S. President George W. Bush is calling on Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf to hold elections "as soon as possible." Bush also criticized the crackdown on the country's opposition politicians, media and judiciary. 

CRTC to consider fees for local TV 
(November 5, 2007)

The CRTC will hold hearings next year on the possible introduction of a subscriber fee for cable and satellite customers who receive over the air television stations as part of their package. 

Police probe whether meeting took place at popular Ottawa restaurant 
(November 1, 2007)

As part of a bribery investigation, Ontario Provincial Police are investigating whether Ottawa's mayor met with a Conservative cabinet minister at Hy's Steakhouse. The restaurant is a favourite hangout for those in politics. 

MPs take week off for Remembrance Day
(November 1, 2007)

After passing a throne speech and a mini-budget, the House will take a break next week to mark Remembrance Day. Read more about this and what's happening in the House in PoliticsWatch's weekly Legislative Update feature.

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